Being an athlete is a lifestyle requiring nutrition 24 hours a day. Choices in how you prepare, fuel your body, recover and rest make a definitive difference in
you becoming a 24 Hour Athlete™.

Herbalife 24 Sport Nutrition was developed for athletes and goes beyond the performance nutrition industry standard for pre-,during- and post-exercise nutrition.

Herbalife 24 is being launched worldwide in Spring- Autumn 2011, here are some of the results of the beta testers:

‘Prolong – I thought it would be difficult for the body to absorb such a nutritive drink, but it proved otherwise. It’s great!’ Rafeal Arroja, Portugal.

‘Prolong has really been the big difference. Before I had gel, bars, bananas and a lot of things in my pockets, when I was racing. Now, Prolong gives me everything I need during the race. This helps me to concentrate and focus on the biking, and not think about when to eat and how’. Kjell Kirkeng, Norway.

“Hydrate: I actually really liked this product. The tangerine citrus flavor was light but I prefer that. I would use it towards the end of my longer workouts. For example my leg workouts can be long and towards the end I often cramp in my hamstrings or calves if I’m not very hydrated. In my current cutting phase I also perform cardio post workout and it was nice to have a little taste in my water. I also prefer the to-go sticks so I can just toss them in my gym bag” Josh, USA

“Herbalife took body fat from 9% to 4% in 3 weeks.” Style, USA

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