BODY SHAPE AND FAT- Body Shape is more important than body weight, both psychologically and physically. Your Best Personal Shape results from a combination of losing fat and building muscle. In this series, you will learn about Body Shape and Fat and how to get your Best Personal Shape. 

Whenever you eat more Calories than you Burn, the excess energy is stored as fat. The first place you gain fat is in the abdomen and around the intestines (see slide). As the weight and Body Mass Index go up, you also gain fat in the arms and chest.

Women, but not men, gain fat in the hips and thighs. Getting a healthy Core and losing excess abdominal fat is important for everyone, but for women the amount of upper and lower body fat determines personal shape. Men only gain weight in the upper body and often think it shows strength, but they do not realize that this fat increases health risks. Genetics is also important as identical twins have fat deposited in the same areas even at different body weights. Lower body fat in women is not unhealthy, but many women want to change their shape for other reasons.

There are many different healthy shapes in women (see slide) and you should love your shape whatever it is. Get your Best Personal Shape and Body Fat with Protein-Rich Shakes, Balanced Nutrition, Purposeful Exercise, and a Healthy Active Lifestyle!!

Dr. David Heber is the Chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Institute (HNI), which promotes excellence in nutrition education for the public and scientific community and sponsors scientific symposia.

Wellness Coaching – is an integrated and structured approach which covers: 1. Structured, balanced nutrition programmes personalised to the individual 2. An exercise programme 3. Regular Metabolic Analysis/Body Composition Testing 4. Set yourself a goal, supported with challenges 5. Education, personalised programme, advice and support. Contact us for advice via facebook

Personalised Nutrition:  Herbalife is about getting into a structured eating routine, a min of 15 g of protein for breakfast and other meals personalised to the individual, getting protein into every meal and snack. The way we work: 1. Ask a few questions. 2. Recommend a programme 2. Personalised programme – protein factor, calorie intake linked to resting and metabolic rates etc 4. Ongoing aftercare, advice etc Contact us for advice via facebook

Herbalife has two different kinds of Members: Preferred Customers use the products for personal consumption and purchase at a discount, while Herbalife Independent Distributors also have the opportunity to advise customers and become a Wellness Coach.

Herbalife Nutrition is a healthy-active-lifestyle brand that helps nourish people physically, emotionally, and financially, so they can enhance their true wellbeing.

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