If you eat a breakfast which is full of carbohydrates you are giving your body sugar. By raising the blood sugar level your pancreas is “awakened” to produce more than normal insulin. This happens because the insulin removes the sugar from the blood and then turns it into fat. What now happens is that the insulin may remove to much blood sugar to rectify the process and your blood sugar level drops to below the level you woke up with this morning. You now experience hunger and weakness.

To overcome hunger you again now need simple carbohydrates (chocolates, sweets, pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, cookies, doughnuts, fizz drinks, juices etc) which again raises your blood sugar level. Each sugar “injection” is followed by an insulin surge. This cycle repeats itself several times a day and you develop a dependency on carbohydrates. Wow and the food companies just love this dependency don’t they. In fact they promote it because if they can get you starting with a breakfast loaded with carbohydrates, then they have got you eating carbohydrates for the rest of the day.

This cycle of carbohydrate dependence lets the pancreas over worked and weakened which means it is not able to produce the amount of insulin needed, which leads to you have guessed it diabetes which is the fastest growing lifestyle disease around the world.

Balanced Breakfast Ideas

The body needs a balanced breakfast in the morning which meets the following criteria: 1) Provide the body with all the nutrients (building blocks) spent during the night: Our bodies consist of 100 trillion cells, which need 114 different nutrients every day to feed them so that these cells can keep on reproducing and keeping us healthy. Without healthy cells you have an unhealthy body.

2) Provide the body energy which it spent yesterday when you were active. The energy provided must be in the form of proteins instead of carbohydrates. This will prevent the raise in blood sugar levels, which will keep the pancreas from producing access amounts of insulin

3) Provide enough absorption of nutrients. Just like we clean our body’s everyday we need to clean our intestines as well. This will
help in the absorption of all the nutrients needed. The amount of water intake is very important.

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